We conducted a learning review of work undertaken by the Shifting the Power project to increase the voice and influence of local and national NGOs in humanitarian networks and platforms.

Shifting the Power was part of the three-year Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP). It was implemented by six international NGOs, working alongside 55 local and national NGO partners in Bangladesh, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya and Pakistan. It aimed to strengthen local capacity, support the representation and voice of local actors, and encourage international organisations to recognise, promote and respond to local capacity and leadership.

Our learning review focused on the project’s efforts to increase the voice and influence of local and national NGOs in humanitarian platforms and networks across five countries. We reviewed the approach taken in each country, assessed results and good practices, examined how existing humanitarian networks operate and influence decision-making, and drew out recommendations and lessons learned.

We reviewed all project documents, conducted interviews and focus groups with a diverse group of key informants, and facilitated a Social Network Analysis workshop bringing together partners from each country. The workshop had three objectives: for participants to gain an understanding of how to conduct social network analysis, for participants to identify how their power and influence have changed and discuss their strategies for the future, and to gain comparative data for the learning review on the gaps and opportunities for influence in each country.

The full report is available here.