Client CDAC Network

We evaluated a CDAC Network project aiming to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance through improved two-way communication and engagement with disaster-affected populations.

The project was implemented in Bangladesh, South Sudan and the Philippines as part of the Disasters and Emergency Preparedness Programme (DEPP). It involved establishing or strengthening communicating with communities (CwC) working groups in each country, delivering a range of capacity development activities including simulations and exchanges, and creating a flexible funding mechanism for small grants for projects designed to facilitate two-way communication, avoid duplication, and prevent mixed messaging.

We conducted over 40 interviews with participants in South Sudan, Bangladesh and the Philippines to assess the project’s effectiveness and consider whether the planned outcomes had been achieved. We also assessed how the project had contributed to commitments made in the Grand Bargain. The evaluation findings were presented in a 30-page report and via a microsite.

The report is available here.