Client Start Fund

We conducted a learning review that highlighted the factors members considered while making decisions about Alerts at the Start Fund. We provided a series of reflections and recommendations on the decision-making pathway. 

The Start Fund is a multi-donor pooled rapid-response fund that initiates disbursement of humanitarian finance within 72 hours. It is collectively owned and managed by Start Network members, a group of 42 national and international aid agencies from five continents. It is designed to fill gaps in the humanitarian funding architecture in three main areas: underfunded small to medium scale crises; forecasts of impending crises; and spikes in chronic humanitarian crises.

Our review explored how the Fund’s decision-makers use information and analysis to decide whether to activate an Alert, how much to allocate and what projects to allocate funding to. It focused on Alerts raised in 2017. The research included a systematic review of the minutes of Allocation and Project Selection meetings, and interviews with the Start Fund team and member organisations.

The report is available here.