Client Humanitarian Leadership Academy

We were commissioned by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) to produce a landscape review exploring how local knowledge systems could be supported by the Academy’s humanitarian knowledge sharing platform. 

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy aims to prepare disaster-affected communities to respond to crises in their own localities. It does this through providing opportunities for knowledge exchange, learning and innovation.

We worked with the Academy to explore the ways in which communities and local organisations are already using and sharing local knowledge when preparing for and responding to crises and disasters. The research investigated the types of local knowledge that are considered important and the ways in which social networks and digital platforms have been used to spread lifesaving information. We conducted a stakeholder analysis of over 50 organisations, research institutions, networks and donors that have nurtured local knowledge systems, and a systematic literature review of papers on local knowledge in disaster risk reduction, preparedness for conflict and response. We worked closely with the Academy to identify how the insights generated through our analysis could inform their approach to knowledge sharing.