Client DEPP Learning Project
We worked with the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Learning Project to examine the roles of women as leaders and decision-makers in humanitarian preparedness.
The DEPP was a three year programme aiming to improve the quality and speed of humanitarian response, managed collaboratively by the CDAC and Start Networks and implemented across 10 countries.
Women bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to disaster preparedness, yet their existing capacities as leaders are often not recognised. Our research examined how women have been involved as leaders and decision-makers within the DEPP and its networks, and the effects of their leadership. It also identified barriers to women’s leadership in humanitarian preparedness, and provided an insight into why investing in women as leaders is important.
We reviewed literature from NGOs, academics and thinkers on women’s leadership within and beyond the sector, and interviewed leaders in Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines. The research was presented at a DEPP learning conference in Geneva and will be published shortly.